Heap error setting up new gradle plugin project


I am trying to follow the tutorial to set up a new gradle IntelliJ platform plugin ( https://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/tutorials/build_system/prerequisites.html ), but after creating the project, during the gradle sync step, I think a fraction of a second after downloading IdealC-2020.1.zip, the process fails with a heap error. I have seen the suggestion from Jakub on this thread ( https://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/tutorials/build_system/prerequisites.html ), but the linked thread does not provide any relevant suggestions:

I am running on Mac so, if I'm not mistaken, all programs are 64 bit. I am able to start the IDE. I have tried running the VM with -Xmx=750M and with -Xmx=6G, but still have the issue. I have 16GB of ram on this machine.

I am able to build and run existing plugin projects, and I am able to build IntelliJ Community, but not able to set up a new plugin project.

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> -Xmx=750M and with -Xmx=6G

May you share the whole idea64.vmoption file? What is xms value? 

What exact heap error do you receive? Try to increase the heap size of the Gradle itself (see method 2 here https://stackoverflow.com/a/39547461/8203759). 

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Method 1 (not method 2) in the link you provided fixed the issue for me. Thanks Konstantin!


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