Two problems: 1 big, 1 small


I am using the latest 2020.1.1 version of IntelliJ Community Linux edition.


1) I have single click on. When I click on a file in the Project panel, it opens as expected. If I immediately hit CTRL + F4, the Project panel closes. I expected the file to close instead of the panel. My workflow is that I tend to browse source files and many of what I click on are to be closed afterwards.

2) I am the only IntelliJ developer in an Eclipse environment. To make training or workspace deployment easier, Eclipse configuration files [.classpath and .project] are committed to CVS. My IntelliJ setup also reads those same configuration files. How do I decouple myself from those Eclipse configuration files? Those files changed without my notice and caused IntelliJ to become unstable. My IDE froze up after a few minutes. Looking at the logs, it stated that my memory usage went from 200 up to 3 gigs and finally died.


Please advise.

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Hello Gary,

1. Thanks for notification! I reported issue on YouTrack:

2. You may add them to ignored in "Settings/Preferences | Editor | File Types"


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