Compare with branch - want to view in undocked window


I just got the ultimate version recently, and it has been very painful migrating from the community edition

I have my project setup with git vcs integrations

previously on community edition, I could select another branch and to a 'compare with branch' 
that would open up a new window with the diff results

with ultimate edition however, doing this opens up a new tab on the vcs toolbar
I hate this feature, it's extremely hard to navigate on the toolbar tab
how do i get back the big window with the list of commits and file diffs as in the community edition ??


Compare branches have been redesigned and it's not related to edition but to version. 
In the latest version, compare branches have been moved to the tool window. 

We plan to combine 2 log views in an Editor tab to show the both-way comparison


The editor tab is awful too. Can you put an option in the settings to make it modal please.


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