run disposable background task


Can we somehow run disposable background task?

I.e. I would like all my background tasks to be cancelled when project is closed. Would be nice to just pass Project  to `ProgressManager#run()` as Disposable component for that purpose. Do we have some kind of API for that?

PS I can see bunch of ProgressManager#runProcessWithProgressAsynchronously() with Project param, not sure if it will act as Disposable... Anyway all of them marked @Deprecated.

PSS For now I've maintaining the list of all my background tasks as workaround:

private static final Map<Project, List<ProgressIndicator>> mapProject2Indicators =
new ConcurrentHashMap<>();

private static class MyBackgroundable extends Task.Backgroundable {
private @Nullable final Project project;
private @NotNull final Runnable runnable;

public MyBackgroundable(@Nullable Project project, @NotNull Runnable runnable) {
super(project, "DeepCode: Analysing Files...");
this.project = project;
this.runnable = runnable;

public void run(@NotNull ProgressIndicator indicator) {
mapProject2Indicators.computeIfAbsent(project, p -> new ArrayList<>()).add(indicator);;
mapProject2Indicators.getOrDefault(project, Collections.emptyList()).remove(indicator);

// call it from ProjectManagerListener#projectClosing
public static void cancelRunningIndicators(@NotNull Project project) {
.getOrDefault(project, Collections.emptyList())

Is there any better solution?

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You can make your wrapping class implement Disposable and register it with

 Disposer.register(project, this);

then in the dispose method to cancel your ProgressIndicator instance.


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