Show project path for current file in editor

Is there a way to easily see the project path of the current file open in the editor? E.g. at the top where it shows the file name. Or am I required to jump back to the Project Panel every time?

My use case is I want to move something to another file, and I have the other file open but I can't easily see the path of the other file. So right now I'm forced to find it in the Project Panel and then go back to the original file, use the 'move' command (F6), then type in the path to the new file.




Path relative to project root is shown in the Navigation bar; absolute path is shown in tooltip on hovering over the file tab:


You can also try activating "Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Always show full paths in window header" option -- it does work here on Windows

P.S No idea how it will behave on Mac .. as Mac users often ask the opposite -- to actually have minimalistic info there (at very least based on what I remember from few years old IDE builds / forum threads)



Thanks Andriy and Elena - exactly what I was looking for!


Any way to do this on mac? this shows the file path in text, but no link to navigate to the file.



Please describe your initial issue -- what you want to see, where and what for. There could be other ways of resolving the initial issue/need.


I came across something approximating what I was seeking to do. It is labeled, `Select Opened File`. I was hoping to be able to click the file header or click on the file name in the header and have it highlight the file in the project structure.



I still do not understand what exactly you want.

This is what you can use to see where the file is in the project:

1. The first comment -- the Navigation bar clearly shows where the currently selected/opened file is located:

2. If you click on the Target icon, it will select the currently active tab/file in Project View panel. The same can be done by invoking "Navigate | Select In... | Project View" using keyboard shortcuts. That's what your last comment is talking about.

3. If you have the file selected in the Project View, by invoking "View | Quick Documentation" (Ctrl+Q here on Windows) it will show the popup with file info which includes file size, date and full path:

4. If you need to navigate to that file in your OS file manager (Explorer/Finder etc)

  • The same "Navigate | Select in...", then just select "Show in Explorer/Finder"
  • Or you can use "Navigate | File Path" popup

5. You can also enable the following option and Project View panel will always have the currently opened file focused:


Since the latest version of the new UI, I've lost the "Full path", which was so great to open the folder the current file is from.

i'm struggling to bring back that behavior. Overall, I love the new UI, but that single regression is bothering me so much!

Here is how it looks like, there is no path breadcrumb anymore


It can be in the status bar in the very bottom of the window. It can be enabled and configured in Preferences | Editor | General | Breadcrumbs.



I tried Oksana Chumak 's solution but even after restarting pycharm the breadcrumbs are in the bottom of the window. Is there a way to fix it?


Try also "View | Appearance | Navigation Bar" - change it to Top. Will it help?

That worked. thanks!! 


After upgrading to the latest version and enabling breadcrumbs, I can see the path now. Thank you for your feedback; I did not know about the open-selected file option. This accomplishes what I was hoping for. 


Oksana Chumak  Thank you! That's what I was looking for! Is there a reason why some Settings cant be found in the Settings and only in View? It's really only a handful, but it might be neat to have them all in one place.

Edit: Actually, strike that, I assume there is a reason. This is more of a feedback than a question ;)


In the new UI the file path breadcrumb has been moved to the bottom of the screen; you can move it to the top position with View | Appearance | Navigator Bar | Top



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