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Hello everyone I am a freelance professional developer and I mostly work alone. I haven't been able to find a proper tool or setup for my workflow. My projects are commonly structured as follows:







| __docker_compose.yml



The reason for this structure is that I can have every part of my project living in its own docker context so things play nicely when I deploy using compose. Also, I deploy to my own VPS. My current workflow is as follows:

  • An intelliJ IDEA window for deployment/VCS and to code scripts (these are commonly plain bash or python).
  • A PyCharm window for api projects and a webstorm window for web projects
  • When I make changes, I have to go back to the "main" (IDEA) window, commit from there and deploy (Tools→deploy)

The problem with this approach is that I find myself switching between windows very often, sometimes I get confused and end up committing and pushing from the Pycharm window instead of the IDEA one (missing changes from the Web window). Sometimes I switch to IDEA but it takes some time for it to pickup the changes. Sometimes I just need to upload a quick fix, so I have to open 2 windows: pycharm/webstorm to make the changes, and then switch to IDEA to commit & deploy. It gets messy.

How can I deal with this? Do you have a better idea?

Moreover, is there some Intellij tool that is not language-bound but provides the "base" VCS/services/deploy functionality? I don't want to load the Full IDE experience just to edit a couple of scripts and commit code every now and then.

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Why not just using IntelliJ IDEA for all the stuff (deployment/VCS, code scripts, api projects and web projects)? 

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I used to do that, however my projects have grown large enough to need 2 or more Python projects and I can't have them opened or attached in the same window because Pycharm doesn't support multiple projects completely (yet) e.g., I can't have two different console or django console profiles in the same window, or two different Django manage prompts in the same window as well.

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It makes sense to submit the feature request for multiple Django console profiles then: (and for the other features that are not yet supported so that you can use the single IDE window for everything).


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