Conficts between memory and disk when there has been no external editing


I have been getting this error message a lot, and I get sent to this documentation page. I am not editing anything in an external editor.

Also, the cursor sometimes jumps around inexplicably, particularly as I do auto-suggest (command-Space). (Note that I use IdeaVIM)

My guess is that File Watchers are involved (gocmt, gofmt, goimport, golint). These  are triggered on save (which happens automatically) and some potentially edit a fie immediately, so that the save can conflict with the File Watcher's action. But I have no good evidence for that guess.

How can I avoid this?


What can I do about this?





I think it is indeed caused by file watchers. I'd suggest disabling gofmt and goimports and switching to the builtin IDE formatter.  


OK, I will try that.


@dmitry nemerov


I do need to run external tools because the CI system runs them, and I want to  catch problems as soon as possible, but  I have reduced my File Watchers and the problem is reduced. I am not sure which one caused the problem.


If you use a version control system, you can run `go fmt` on commit and use the builtin formatted for the rest of the time.


File watchers which don't modify files should not cause problems, so it's likely was gofmt or goimports.


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