Webstorm cannot find node

My webstorm cannot run without the node bin, which it cannot find in $PATH. When manually trying to find it in the webstorm file browser, it cannot see the node executable, even though it exists (I can find and run it fine in my terminal).

Why is webstorm refusing to find that one specific thing?


what OS is it, where is the executable located? does the user you run the IDE with permitted to run this executable/browse the folder it's located in?


I'm running Fedora 32. The exe is located in /usr/bin and also /usr/share/node. Yes, I can open a terminal session and browse to /usr/bin folder:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 16440 Apr 29 21:35 node


Maybe the IDE is started under a different user?

does starting it from terminal via bin/webstorm.sh change anything?


How did you install WebStorm? Snap, manual download from their website, JetBrains Toolbox App or something else? Try installing it differently: https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/download#section=linux


Why is this never fixed? What is the purpose of being able to install Webstorm by other means (like Snap) if it won't work properly?


What the actual fuck folks? I am trying to get this working in October 2020 and I get linked a thread that goes back to 2017? I installed WebStorm via the normal install file under Windows, I installed nvm via an installer, I CAN USE NPM IN THE TERMINAL!!!! But I can't select npm as package manager because ...???


>But I can't select npm as package manager because ...???

what problems doing this have you faced? Where do you have it installed (try running where npm in Windows cmd console)?

Please share a screenshot of Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM


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