Changing Debugger Text Color in RubyMine


 Running on RubyMine 2020.1, Ubuntu LTS 18.06


I'm currently using the Material Theme plugin (Specifically the Darken Option), and the variables in my debugger are practically invisible due to the color



As you can see, the only way to see what the variables are called is if I focus each one individually, which isn't great.


Where are these color settings located? I tried looking under Settings > Editor > Color Scheme > General, but the color of the text above (#2b2a26) doesn't seem to be defined anywhere there.


Likewise, none of the colors under Settings > Editor > Color Scheme > Debugger match up with the #2b2a26 value I'm seeing. Is there any way for me to change this other than changing to a different Material Theme?

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unfortunately at the moment there's no setting for it. Please add your vote to the corresponding request:


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