Questions on cleanly extending functionality of cucumber-java plugin


We are building a framework with additional constructs around cucumber and gherkin and for easier adoption I am looking to extend the functionality of the plugin.

What is the best practice that I can adopt to provide extended functionality to the cucumber-java plugin such that

  1. It remains clean from the base implementation
  2. It can be easily updated when the base implementation is updated
  3. I can install the plugin such that it provides all the functionality of base cucumber-java + additional enhancements that I make
  4. How to build the plugins at for local development, I couldnt find any documentation

Appreciate any leads towards achieving this. I can read up any associated documentation to proceed further on it



Could you provide more details - what exactly are you going to extend in plugin Cucumber for Java?

If you want to create a plugin that depends on "Cucumber for Java" plugin the following materials could useful for you:


We have custom syntax embedded in Gherkin steps and need auto-complete within Gherkin to find correct values based on the parameter types


In this case godog-plugin is a good example. Write me at andrey.vokin at if you need hlep


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