Login to Oracle server using windows credentials using data grip


I am moving to Data grip from SQL  Developer but I am unable to figure out how to connect to my oracle server with my windows credentials using Datagrip. In SQL Developer it works without having to enter any credentials. So I am guessing it is taking my windows credentials in that case(without checking in the OS Authentication and Kerberos authentication checkboxes). How can I achieve similar functionatily using Data grip? I am totally blocked here.

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Yuriy Vinogradov
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Hello, here is instruction:

1. Open Data Sources & Drivers, go to Oracle driver, right-click on it and select Duplicate.

2. Remove the entry from Driver files, and add here ojdbc7.jar & orai18n.jar files from your Oracle Client, so it should look like this:

3. Go to Advanced tab and to VM Environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH=path_to_oracle_home\bin


4. Create Data Source using this new driver.

5. You need to use TNS connection and specify path to tnsnames.ora file

6. Done


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