IDEA randomly steals focus while still in background


For the past couple of months I've had this weird problem. IntelliJ IDEA (IC-201.7846.6) is usually open idle in the background, but from time to time (averages at about once per day) it suddenly grabs focus but doesn't go to top. If I happened to be typing in another application, watching full screen video, or wherever, the keystrokes end up in the file open in IDEA instead of the foreground application, and I have to click the foreground application to re-grab focus. It seems it doesn't happen entirely random as I've seen a couple of times where it occurred after using IDEA and then doing something else for 15~30 minutes when it occurs. It happens on two different computers both running Ubuntu 18.04LTS.

I can't find a bug report but the problem is so vague that I cannot exclude it either. Has anyone else experienced similar things?




IDEA-106716 is not my problem as that one involves the window going to the foreground whereas in my case it stays hidden behind othe applications.

I see in the comments that someone got my symptoms after setting `suppress.focus.stealing=true` but I don't have that flag. (I have this flag how and am waiting if my issue returns.)


I haven't seen it happen in two weeks, so I can conclude that `suppress.focus.stealing=true` is probably a good workaround.


Cristiadu: "This problem is the most annoying thing on Intelij for me. I hate to be typing on the Terminal and my words appearing on a random class inside Intelij because they feel I want the app in my face right away."

I couldn't have described the problem better myself.


Hi Vojta , please try updating the IDE to the latest version from .

If the problem remains, please raise a new issue at , and provide diagnostic data for the investigation. (


Is there an IntelliJ setting "please never steal focus!"? (There should be: when I start IntelliJ, for example, and do something else while it's revving up I don't expect or want it to steal focus back when it feels it is ready.)


Tim T Hanson Actually, there is:

If it doesn't help in your case though, please report the problem to YouTrack as described in the comment above.


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