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Hi Community, 


I am very much struggling to get my Rubocop, Linting and Auto-Correction to run as I want it to. 

Rubocop is perfectly fine showing me the warnings and suggestions and I can even 'fix all auto-correctable offenses' when I hover over the inspections and click on it. 


I want to achieve either: 

a) make a shortcut which is triggering the 'fix all auto-correctable offenses' 

b) automatically trigger 'fix all auto-correctable offenses' on save


These corrections should follow the rubocop styles -Is there any way to do this? 


I am aware of this documentation:


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Why doesn't this work?

Control-Shift-P (or whatever your binding is to get to the Actions Palette)

start typing "Fix all" -- not found unless you have recently executed this command from Context Actions

Presuming it was found:

Alt+Enter (should assign a shortcut, instead, silently closes the Actions Palette)



Going to Settings>Keymap this command is not to be found, so that's a dead end as well.



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