Customize background color of frames in Debugger



I'm trying to find a way to customize background color of frames in debugger in Darcula color scheme.

Here is how it looks like:

According to color picker the pink background has the code #8F7892, but I cannot find any reference to it, neither in exported Intellij Idea color settings, nor in any color scheme in general.

Also, manual search in "Debugger section" didn't show any relevant options ("smart step into selection" has somewhat similar color, but not exactly).

Can anyone suggest how to customize this specific background value?


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To answer my own question: the color of frames background matches the color of the editor tab of the corresponding file, which is configured in `Settings -> Appearance & Behavior -> File Colors`.

In my case, I assigned it to a custom color, that's why I couldn't find any reference to it.


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