JavaScript support in community edition


Hello Dear Support Team,


I like working with IDE created by JetBrains.

Sometimes I have java tasks and I know that there is no better an integrated development environment than Intellij IDEA in my opinion.

Unfortunately not each customer, company or other person, could provide license to use Intellij Ultimate. But community edition is indispensable tool. But it doesn't support  js autocompletion. 

So my question is "Is it possible to make a pull request to community edition with a simple js syntax validator and autocomplete ? Does not it restrict any policies or other rules ?" For example, it cannot be done because Webstorm or Ultimate already have this feature and it won't be added to community edition for now.

I haven't found any pr or issue with "JS", "javascript" keywords in github repo.

Also code contributing guide is not available now.


Thank you. 


It is possible to make such a pull request, but we aren't going to merge it. JavaScript support is part of our commercial products, and we do not want to create any confusion between "simple" and "complete" support.


I would like to point out that the decision to only support Java, but not Javascript/Typescript in the community edition, is helping companies like Vaadin. They offer a "smooth transition" when a large organization decides to move UI development from JVM to browser based. Now they also have another important argument: No need to spend extra money on IDE upgrades.


A single IntelliJ IDEA license costs $500/year. Vaadin Pro costs $119/month per developer. Developer time required for a large organization to move UI development from JVM to browser-based costs hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. I do not believe that this argument is actually important.


It's not up to me to decide this. Just pointing out how Vaadin acquires new customers: By painting Javascript as more "difficult", and having less tool support, than Java. Maybe Jetbrains could do something, to make this argument less convincing for old-school Java devs?


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