How do I disable Documentation in-place rendering?


I can disable the gutter icon for Documentation in-place rendering but this only removes the gutter icon but does not disable the in-place rendering of documentation comments.

I want to disable this feature: ie. no in-place rendering and no icon.

I am running SNAPSHOT build from intellij-community master, which I am guessing would probably be official EAP



I noticed this happening too, but only for library dependencies. It turns out it had its own Rendered documentation comments checkbox, in Editor > Reader Mode.


File | Settings | Editor | General | Appearance, Render documentation comments — disable.


Owen9825 We are collaborating on how to make it more clear from UX point of view. See for details. 


This isn't correct for me on PyCharm. You have to bring the help up using F1 pressed twice so that its in a side panel and then under three dots untick “show on mouse move”.


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