How to bind SearchTextArea to a JEditorPane?

Hello, I want to add a search box on the top of JEditorPane or JTextArea.

And I new a SearchTextArea Object, and how can I bind this SearchTextArea to the JEditorPane?

When I enter a text search, it can be highlighted in the JEditorPane.

Do I need to resolve the match myself?

Or is there any better solution?

Thank you.

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Please explain your use case, what is going to be shown in that panel? why do you need search?

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I want to create a toolwindow plugin like a search box with only regular matches, and display each matched group details.

And the search box I use doesn't want to be confused with the original editor.

Currently, if I use SearchReplaceComponent to achieve it, when I select the button, it will sync to every editor Search box.I want to keep the search box independent.

Is there any better solution?


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Please show your code building the SearchReplaceComponent


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