Default version control for new projects

Is there a way to configure PyCharm so it sets Subversion as the version control system for new projects?


Hello Gweatherby

There is no option to set Subversion as the version control system for new projects by default.
There are too many things to consider when SVN is initialized (for example repository must be specified).

We would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts on how such a setting should look like.


One of the nice features of Subversion is the idea of a sparse directory ( ). We have our code base in a single repository but we do not have to check the whole thing out, just the project we are working on. Since it is easier to manage and track dependencies with a small project, whether it's. Python/Pycharm, Java/Intellij or C++/CLion module, I have many projects on the source tree. 

Since I am now telecommuting due to pandemic, I have two development machines; the one in my office has 52 separate projects and the home one 22. Each time I create one from existing sources, I mindlessly go to settings -> VCS, click the root directory of the project, and select Subversion. Since I'm not thinking, it seems like it could be automated. I am not specifying the Subversion repository or anything, it just works. I'm guessing the Jetbrains products are walking up the file tree and finding the .svn directory and parsing that? (Or using a subversion library that does that).

So the feature would be to automatically connect Subversion if a new project is created in a directory structure that is supported by subversion. (In other words, if svn info  produces output, PyCharm/Intellij/CLion should just have the subversion options enabled). 


The issue here is that IDE does not add the mapping automatically, while it could. See


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