Not complaining... for a change!


I used to come to complain, but, for a while, a long while, didn't have to.

While certainly not using all of the software features, I'm simply impressed with the level of integrity,  ergonomics, convenience and (most definitely)  algorithms found in PhpStorm.
And I must confess, everyday I work on a PHP project, it saves me a lot of time by identifying potential problems promptly.

Again, not the kind of post I'm inclined to write, but after an intensive work on a project, including a PHP 7.4 migration (code inspection: PS detected correctly and converted automatically all the {x} to [x], a huge relief!), objects completion, the Git integration, the amazing comparison tools...  I'm... satisfied! (oh, almost forgot the incredible level of settings available, the keymap / shortcuts, the search .....).

Thank you for making a great software.

That had to be said.

(Still on 2019.3.4, was waiting for 2020.1.2...  so the upgrade is to be performed in a couple days)



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