Transaction Mode is Manual - requires commit/rollback although doesn't need it. DataGrip 2020.1.3, Oracle


After Execute or Run, in the Query Console (or in opened file), query that doesn't need any commit or rollback, i.e. changes neither the database structure nor the data, it require commit/rollback.

Simple example:  select * from dual;

So when you need to do some commit in another Tab, it simulate the commit but doesn't affect the database.

Now. to make real commit to the database, you need:

  1. find the Tab with required commit/rollback - that is challenge when you work with many tabs/files/consoles opened;
  2. do commit/rollback in that Tab;
  3. go back to the Tab with your code;
  4. repeat Execute;
  5. do Commit.

It would be nice to have two things:

  1. Visualize a tab in which the transaction is not completed (for example with color or symbol);
  2. Do not require the completion of the transaction in cases when do not change anything in the database.

Thank you

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Just filled up an issue on our tracker, please follow and up  vote


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