What's the smart commands execution



I can't understand the feat.how to do ? it's for what?




Smart execution of Terminal commands was introduced to allow for launching a UI after parsing commands instead of showing console output.


Once an input command is matched, it is highlighted, and then by pressing Ctrl-Enter you can open a corresponding UI with parameters fetched from the command.


For example, `git log --author=john` opens the Git Log panel filtered by users that match "john", while `git log branch` opens the Git Log tab with the specified branch.


The feature is experimental at the moment, and full documentation for it is under way.


I see, thank you, this feature is still unstable


I suppose it'll take some polishing to get the functionality to run smoothly.

The list of recent issues related to it can be viewed here.


Is there a way to disable this thing?  It is *super* annoying. I know I can disable it per project, but it's a lot of clicking. I'd like it *gone* and never show it's popup again.


Shift-Shift > type "registry" and hit Enter to open the Registry window. Start typing to find the following option and disable it:



Wow... Thank you so much!  :)  You've made my day.


I totally hate this feature....  


Super annoying the first 1,000 times I clicked the "got it" link.
After that, serious concerns re the lack of usability testing in IJ products...


Super super annoying.  I realise a few people have said that already ... but just in case it helps to raise awareness of just how super super super annoying this is !!!


David Moshal, Rob Bygrave

Are you saying that you get the pop-up every time you open your projects, even if you clicked the "Got it" link before? Is it gone for you if you disable the feature under File | Settings | Tools | Terminal?


For me I have 100's of projects. Turning it off per project is just really super super super annoying !!!!   My thought is that it should be really easy to turn it off globally ... (and without that it is a massive pain for people like me).   



I feel like i see it the first time i use the terminal for every session.  I would have expected it to stop, after the first "got it".  It's a global feature, so dismissing it once should persist.  It's not like people need to be reminded every project and especially not every session, if they've dismissed the popup.


Michael Faith, try restarting the IDE using the File | Invalidate Caches & Restart option. Does it help?


Rob Bygrave, I submitted a request for this: IDEA-243824. Feel free to vote for it and add your comments there.


Arina Efremova :
1) Yes, clicking "I got it" had no effect at all, I'd get still get the warning every time I opened a new IDE session.

2) I have not seen it since setting  terminal.shell.command.handling=false    

3) that setting seemed to work across all IDEs with synced settings, ie: looks like I only had to set it once.

4) suggestion: the popup should have a button or link to turn off the shell command handling.

5) there should be some documentation explaining what this feature actually does, who knows, it might actually be a useful feature!


This feature should be opt-in.  It causes node apps started in terminal to crash randomly and it is extremely difficult to identify why.  Turning this feature off stops the random crashing.  


Arina Efremova that did seem to stop the prompt.  Just highlights green now, which is fine.  Thanks


I use ZSH with a lot of plug-ins and this "smart terminal" messes up half of them. This feature appears out of nowhere, it's mega annoying, and with every project it starts again. I probably wouldn't pay attention to this if I could turn it off once for all projects, but now it clearly aspires to IntelliJ's most annoying feature


Rob Bygrave you can turn off the feat globally


registry =>



I tried,it works


Alan He You can't.

If you open another project then this setting will turn on again.


David Moshal - please see my reply in IDEA-243824. I also forwarded your suggestion to the developers.

Łukasz Sitarski - according to IDEA-243824, the issue (disabling the feature per project) is fixed in one of the interim builds. We'll have to stick to the workaround until the new version containing the fix is released.


Arina Efremova thanks. BTW I also use ZSH, not sure if that's relevant though.


Łukasz Sitarski you are right, I have updated the answer, the registry setting works.


I'm bumping the fact that this is super annoying.



Please use the workaround from this comment above to get the functionality disabled on the global level.


Arina Efremova the link on your last comment is wrong!


And yes, this is not a feature it is a bug. It is bugging me and apparently I'm not the only one. It is more than annoying. Remove this crap.


Elin Yordanov - Thank you, fixed the link.


Per IDEA-243824, the issue in question is dealt with in the latest 2020.2 EAP version. Starting with build 202.6109.22, the setting under File | Settings | Tools | Terminal will be global (set per application).

The notification balloon with the 'Got it' link will remain, but will be redesigned to make this link an actual action (IDEA-244065).



A blog post was published today describing how to run IntelliJ IDEA features from the terminal utilizing the Smart Command Handling functionality. Feel free to check it out and leave your comments / questions in the post's thread.


Wow, this pop up bubble is the most annoying thing ever. I've pressed "got it" at least a few hundred times now and it still pops up every time. How do you turn this off????


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