Bulk include excluded folders

When creating a new Magento project, all the sub-subdirectories of the /vendor directory are excluded, which is expected behaviour.

When developing I often find it useful to see how Magento's own code works, but I can't as the debugger does work with the excluded vendor files.

I can remove the exclusion one by one, but there are hundreds of subfolders. Is there a quick way to bulk remove these exclusions? Or have the debugger work with these excluded folders?

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Hi there,

Is that a PHP code you are talking about here? And the stuff in the /vendor folder is composer controlled packages, right?

If so ... then I do not really see a problem here .. as debugger can easily step in into such code (as the code there is not fully excluded but excluded and readded as a library).

I'm not doing any Magento work, but a WordPress, Laravel or Symphony project ... and I can step through or navigate into framework/packages code with no issues.


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