Enable IPython gui with qt5 in Pycharm


I would like to set IPython's gui with qt5 in PyCharm.

I found the following function in "pydev_ipython_console_011.py":

def enable_gui(gui=None, app=None):

However, if I try to change gui = None to gui = qt5, the Pycharm console comes back to Python and not IPython anymore


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PyCharm's console doesn't support Qt GUI

I wouldn't recommend changing any helper files manually.

You can run Qt IPython console from outside of PyCharm.

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sorry for my late answer @Andrey Resler

I'm not sure to understand.What do you mean by 'PyCharm's console doesn't support Qt GUI'.

The library I'm using in my script seems to require qt5. In Pycharm console, if I do '%gui qt5', then I can run my script through command lines. Now, I would like to have the same behaviour when I click on the Run button.




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