Laravel Ctrl Click controller method to open the method

In Laravel you define routes in web.php with controller@method. Is there a way to open the method with ctrl+click or another shortcut? 

ctrl+click works in any method in the code, but it does not open the controllero o method in web.php. 



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Hi there,

Such navigation (framework specific functionality) is provided by the Laravel plugin. What plugin for Laravel do you use?

The original one (Laravel) is rarely sees updates these days and quite often it is indeed does not do Ctrl+Click navigation (my own experience). Sometimes such navigation works but most often it does not: I could not figure out why it works sometimes in my existing project and then after some time it just stops (used to work just fine before). But you can find a few tickets about this in

The new plugin (Laravel Idea) is a PAID one and it works MUCH better and provides more features. Try it out (it has free trial). I'm not currently using it (as I rarely making changes in Laravel projects these days) but when I tried it it did the job for me. Demo video:, docs: Documentation

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I use the original one, I'll check the tickets in case there is a solution

The paid one si too expensive in my opinion, it cost almost as much as my phpStorm license, what IMO makes no sense at all.

Thanks a lot for your help!  I was not sure if I was the only one with this problem. I can live with it ;)




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