How to disable Intellij froam adding files to git automatically


I want my Intellij IDEA not to add all files to Version Control System (VCS) - it happens when new Angular project is created, however I want to add it manually later.

Settings > Version Control > Confirmation > When files are created > Do not add

This setting is not working, the same configuration is in

File > Other Settings > Settings for New Project > Version Control > Confirmation > When files are created > Do not add

Hello R Glowacki

Perhaps configuring .gitignore may help.

For further investigation on why "Do not add" option doesn't work - please contact support.


There is another way to create new project without adding its files automatically to git.

You have to create project by terminal by this command:

ng new projectName --skipGit=true

You can disable the adding file to Git automatically through Settings|Preferences window.

  1. Select Version Control 
  2. Select Confirmation 
  3. Select Do not add
  4. Click Apply and OK button




It seems that IDEA doesn't follow this options when files are renamed. It still adds a change to Git index. Is there a way to change this behavior for renames too?


IDE relies on command-line git and if git detect a change then IDE will do as well.
Please see more on how git handles renames:


It's not about git rename detection. If I rename a file manually on the filesystem, git shows two changes: deleted file and new untracked file. Only after `git add` it shows it as one rename change (and that is where rename detection works). But when file is renamed via IDE it is shown as a rename immediately without exposing `git add` meaning that `git add` was run automatically.


I've been using PhpStorm for three plus years and it never stops asking me to add to git. I never want to add to git, ever. 

I have changed it to never ask so many times I am tired of saying no and changing settings.

How the hell do you stop it asking to add to git and make it permanent like forever and ever and ever and never ask me again because I do not want it to add my new file to git because I told it NO over and over and over again.



Ben Taylor After having a similar experience for years, I think I finally found a solution: go to `File > New Projects Setup > Settings for New Projects...`, then just change the settings as posted in a screenshot above and it should apply them to the new projects. I've just discovered that, hope that it actually works.


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