Laravel Blade XDebug Breakpoints not working

I am running Laravel 7 on a Mac and develop locally.

I can set a breakpoint on for instance routs/web.php. It works nicely

I have set the debug/templates blade.cache to /path/to/project//storage/framework/views

But a breakpoint in the blade file is not working. Also putting a breakpoint on the cached file is not working.

This would be one of the main reasons to use the xdebugger locally, debugging the blades.

Any suggenstions, reading material?

Thank you in advance



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Is /path/to/project//storage/framework/views a directory for your compiled Blade templates? It should be a storage directory by default.

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Thank you Dimitry. This solved the problem.


/path/to/project/storage/ was the solution.


Somewhere on the Jetbrains website I saw an example with a path to /views.  I think it was wit the announcement of this feature.

Maybe this documentation can be updated.

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I summoned our tech writer and we are trying to understand why storage/framework/views doesn't suit you.
It's the default compiled views path:
Why is it different for you?


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