Zen html Live template not working in head part of html

Hello I am working with PHPStorm 2020.x.

I am trying to use live template the link rel snippet but it doesn't seem to work in the head section  of the html ?

So basically right now I am calling the snippet in body and cut pasting it in the proper place. Is it me not configuring the context properly or just the head section of a html document is not considered a html context ? I have added that snippet to both text html and html/other context but it's not working.

I am surprised that with so many contexts available,- Even cucumber features! -  html head cannot be recognized as a html context,


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Hi there,

Works just fine here in a .html file. Must be specific for your local setup/config.

Start with showing how does it look (the whole IDE window) when it does not work and what Live Template exactly you are trying to use. Try using Default (light) color scheme -- it's easier to spot any injections and other stuff there than some custom theme.


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