PyCharm different Environment when starting Terminal vs. Starter?

i am using Pycharm with LInux Mint - when ich start the program directly from the Terminal with ./ everything seems to be fine with the interpreter - all the modules are installed and available:

But when i start the exact sh-file with a starter from the desktiop i cant see the modules anymore in the interpreter:

How can this be?
Only the call of the program is different...?

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Hi, this is likely due to different environments in your terminal vs desktop session. How did you install this interpreter? 

Try doing `~/GitHub/bin/python -m pip list` from your terminal, what is the output? 

Compare PATH and PYTHONPATH variables after starting PyCharm from both places - are there differences? 

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i think i haven`t installed anything regarding the python interpreter - python 3.6. should be allready installed in the linux mint distribution i think.
Pycharm itself was installed with this instruction:

This is the output of the list statement:
rapid1898@rapid1898-B85-HD3:~$ ~/GitHub/bin/python -m pip list
Package Version
-------------- ----------
beautifulsoup4 4.9.1
bs4 0.0.1
certifi 2020.4.5.2
chardet 3.0.4
get 2019.4.13
idna 2.9
pip 20.1.1
post 2019.4.13
public 2019.4.13
pygame 1.9.6
query-string 2019.4.13
request 2019.4.13
requests 2.23.0
setuptools 47.1.1
soupsieve 2.0.1
urllib3 1.25.9

Starting from both places - <Settings> - <Appearance & Behavior> - <Path Variable> are completely empty.




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How did you create the desktop shortcut? Did you do it from PyCharm? (Tools | Create desktop entry)

Please start PyCharm from desktop, open terminal and do `which python` - should point to "~/GitHub/bin/python"

Then `which pip` - where does it point to?

Also `echo $PATH` - please provide the output.

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I created the shortcut directly on the desktop with right mouseclick on it and selected starter - there i choose the (the same which i start from the terminal).

These are the informations (PyCharm from desktop):
(but this are exactly the same informations as when ich open PyCharm from the terminal - the only difference you can see in the link above regarding the modules...)

(GitHub) rapid1898@rapid1898-B85-HD3:~/Dokumente/GitHub$ which python

(GitHub) rapid1898@rapid1898-B85-HD3:~/Dokumente/GitHub$ which pip

(GitHub) rapid1898@rapid1898-B85-HD3:~/Dokumente/GitHub$ echo $PATH | tr ":" "\n" | nl
1 /home/rapid1898/GitHub/bin
2 /home/rapid1898/.local/bin
3 /home/rapid1898/bin
4 /usr/local/sbin
5 /usr/local/bin
6 /usr/sbin
7 /usr/bin
8 /sbin
9 /bin
10 /usr/games
11 /usr/local/games
12 /snap/bin

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Could you try creating a desktop entry from the Tool menu? 

If this doesn't help, try to recreate the interpreter using absolute path (i.e. no ~ in the path)

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Tried creating a new desktop entry - but the same problem

But then i recreated the python interpreter and choosed under existing environment the python3.6 program under /usr/bin/python3.6
And that was it!
Now it shows me with the project interpreter "Python 3.6. /usr/bin/python3.6" all the installed modules - no matter i start pycharm from desktop or terminal

Thank you very much for your help!

May I can bother yoiu with an addtional question?
There is only one problem left with the modules in PyCharm - and it is about Selenium

When i start a program with selenium i got this error.
os.path.basename(self.path), self.start_error_message)
selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: 'chromedriver' executable needs to be in PATH. Please see

So i tried to add this path - where the chromedriver.exe is located:

But i stil get this error...






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You should modify env variable in run/debug configuration instead:

And make sure it's $PATH:<new_path>, otherwise you will overwrite your current path instead of appending.

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Tried to change this in the window Run/Debug Configurations like this:

But also with this setting i get the same error message regarding chromedriver...




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Sorry, but you do it wrong - the name of the variable should be PATH and the value should be $PATH:<new_path_you_want_to_add>

Also your path contains spaces which I strongly advice against. Good practice in programming is to not have spaces in your paths.

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Thank you very much - now it is working


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