Not understanding this hover pop-up error in SQL...

Maybe I just don't understand SQL enough, but I'm not even sure I'm reading right what the PHPStorm warning is trying to tell me...

I found the code from here:

Note: I'm just testing it; I didn't write it, I'm just using it to test something. Don't worry about what I'm testing, or why or all of the surrounding things that could possibly be asked about. I just am not sure how to read the warning PHPStorm is giving me.

Note 2: Thank you.

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I also don't understand SQL pretty well but just wild guessing -- starting from MySQL 8.0.2, "RANK" is a keyword (and it is coloured correspondingly):

"RANK (R); added in 8.0.2 (reserved)"


The SO question was answered in 2014 whereas MySQL 8.0.2 appeared in 2017 only, so this query could be outdated by today's MySQL standards.

(but IDE warning message still looks strange nonetheless)


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