Typescript & node debugging, Variables are not available

I'm toying with some Typescript katas, running on Node.js (12.16.1). I managed to setup configuration according to https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/running-and-debugging-typescript.html#ad2ef1b9  and my script runs smoothly. Anyway, I got a problem with debugging. The debugger stops at breakpoints, but no variables are visible in the debug panel. What should I do to inspect the variables?


>The node.js version (12.16.1) was mentioned in the initial question

Must have overlooked it, sorry:(

Node version does matter here - Node.js 12.16.x is known for such issues that only occur when debugging files with shebang


Does it happen in all .ts/.js files, or in files with shebang only? what Node.js version do you use?



The node.js version (12.16.1) was mentioned in the initial question, but that's not a matter anymore, I think.

I didn't pay attention to the shebang line. I must have added it by accident (eg. by copying a tutorial code).  When I removed it, the variables appeared as intended. Thanks for the suggestion!


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