Unable to debug or live edit index.html page


Whenever I debug the index.html chrome opens a blank page and the ide event log shows

> Waiting for connection to localhost:59048.
Please ensure that the browser was started successfully with remote debugging port opened.
Port cannot be opened if Chrome having the same User Data Directory is already launched.

Where does 59048 come from?

When I run index.html it opens fine in http://localhost:63342/<project>/index.html?_ijt=g3lebiq0g4tfdqnnb9df8ob8s5

How do I get live editing working?


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Are all Chrome instances closed when you launch the debugger?

> Where does 59048 come from?

It's a random port the debugger is started on.

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Hm interesting. So i closed everything and rebooted the mac. Now it's working.


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