Issue with "__name__" parameter and imports

Hi yall,

I am relatively new to Pycharm/Python and I am struggling with an issue with the "__name__" parameter and imports. My project head is a folder called adversarial-navigation, and my folder structure is adversarial-navigation\GoalDefender\Simulator\ My file has a "if __name__ == 'main' " statement to allow the file to be run as a script, and this used to work fine. Now, however, I am not sure what changed but when I try and run as a script, instead of the __name__ parameter being set to "main", it is now "GoalDefender.Simulator". If I try and change the if statement, I run into other import errors. The same issue occurs with other files in the project. I have attached a screenshot of my run configuration in case this is any help. The interpreter is in "adversarial-navigation\testenviro\Scripts\python.exe". 

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When you run the script in PyCharm, the first line of the output contains the run command. Copy it to the terminal outside of IDE and run there - do you get the same result?


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