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Because my other post was marked as answered without a resolution...

When adding a remote interpreter I'm getting rsync errors Code 12 and Code 255, and no gems are displaying in the list.


I am still able to debug my code but do not see the full stack in frames.

Setup used these instructions...

The remote is a running docker container built on the top of the `ruby:2.7` image. `which ruby` outputs `/usr/local/bin/ruby`. I need to debug this in a live environment, not load the image through rubymine, because there are a number of specific implementations around credentials and security and environment that means the image will not run locally and it would not be comparable to the deployed image anyway. It's currently deployed on AWS ECS, not that it should matter.

Locally I am using rbenv.

Please can you help me get full functionality out of the remote debugger?

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Anybody able to assist?

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sorry for the delay. Another thread has been marked as answered but not completed so it doesn't mean it has been marked as fixed. 

Could you please check how it goes in case you disable rsync (Help - Find Action - Registry - ide.remote.interpreters.use.rsync) and readd the SDK in question? In addition, have you configured the project mappings (between local host's project and remote host's one)?

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Thanks for your reply Olga. I'm going on holiday so will pick this up again on my return.


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