How to create default pytest configuration

when I click the green arrow in the margin to run a test, it creates a temporary pytest configuration for me, but how can I get them to be of type "custom" and automatically have "--no-cov" argument by default, without tediously having to go edit configurations every time? i.e. how do I create a default temporary pytest configuration?




Please check this link to define Run configuration templates 


Should you have any questions please let me know. 


The instructions in the above link do not solve the problem for me. I created a template as instructed, but still auto-created run-debug configurations, i.e. those created by clicking the green arrow, do not seem to honor the template.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the template settings? 



and this is the screenshot of how I run the test - the top green arrow. Just in case, I deleted all pre-existing configuration before running the test.


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