Stop automatically opening new files in editor?

I've been rather mildly annoyed by this for a long time. When new files get created in a project, like through running a build or log files being created, it always opens the new files in the editor automatically and it's really annoying. I know that when moving files you can uncheck the "Open in editor" option, but is there a way to disable it globally so it doesn't try to open auto-generated files automatically either? Never once has this ever been the desired behavior for me.


it doesn't happen to me - when new files are added by some external process, they are never auto-opened

Please share a screencast that shows up the issue


Bugging me too for a while now, this behavior started after an update a while ago now. If it is just one new file that you created, closing it is not that cumbersome, but when you create a lot of new files than it's really annoying. I would rather open new files my self, but I can't find the option to disable the current behavior.

I have the all-products-pack and this was PHPStorm and PyCharm where it happens, not sure about the others.


Please could you share a screencast that shows up the issue along with your settings (File > Manage IDE Settings > Export settings)?


Feature Request: New File Autoopenning Should Be Configurable.


Hi, Elena Pogorelova !

Just wanted to join the conversation, because I believe the situation is ridiculous! Obviously, this is a "feature request", not a "bug submission". 

A. No any form of a bug report is necessary.
B. Have you ever seen a screencast in a "feature request"?

Best Regards,
Pavel Kunitsky



Created feature request at Youtrack. I guess we can move to here


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