Since PHPStorm is WebStorm + PHP, can I use WebStorm after purchasing a license for PHPStorm?

Hi, I'm a fullstack developer and I'm always working in PHP projects alongside Vue and React SPAs. The thing is, I work on one project at a time (at the business level) but this means that I need to have two projects open in PHPStorm, like for example, 'businessX-frontend' and 'businessX-api'.

The thing is, I was using the trial period of WebStorm and PHPStorm and I always had WebStorm open with the businessX-frontend project and PHPStorm with the businessX-api project. But after my trial period ended, I purchased only PHPStorm since it is WebStorm + PHP/SQL. 

This was very convenient because after hitting CMD+Space I typed Web and could switch to WebStorm (current project's frontend), and with CMD+Space and PHP I would switch to PHPStorm (current project's api).

I also had them set up with different Themes so that I could easily differentiate them when switching spaces with 3 fingers on the touchpad.

But now, I tried to continue using WebStorm with my user and I'm not able to do so, even though I purchased a product that is exactly the same with just a few added features.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Maybe there's a way to install PHPStorm twice under different names and use it the same way I was using it before WebStorm's trial expired? 

I'm thinking maybe I could install it twice under different names, and try to change one of the app's icon, but I don't know if this would break something, as both instances could try to access some configuration file at the same time or something. Obviously WebStorm and PHPStorm can coexist, but I'm not sure about two PHPStorm instances.

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Running WebStorm having a PhpStorm license only is not possible.

However, you can run two copies of PhpStorm with different settings:
Just install two copies of PhpStorm and specify paths to two sets of config/system/caches/logs directories for them in the file.

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Thank you Eugene! That's exactly what I would need. I can change the icon and the name of one of the copies to be called WebStorm and use WebStorm's icon and then I could continue working as I was working before my trial period expired. 



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