My first experience with DataGrip

I wanted to try a new SQL editor; I gave the DataGrip trial a shot (MacOS 10.15). Here's my experience:

  • Installs smoothly, looks nice.
  • Helpful "click here to add a database popup"
  • Add connection information for two databases. → databases appear
  • Click the "expand" arrow under the databases → nothing happens
  • Look around for refresh, sync, whatever, commands → nothing there
  • Check log console for logs or errors → nothing there
  • Find where to open a console, query SELECT 1 → error "Postgres drivers not installed, click here to install"
  • Click install → nothing happens
  • Click again → nothing happens
  • Click expand arrow again → nothing happens
  • Try clicking the three dots next to the database name → nothing happens
  • Wait a while and try three dots again → finally, some schemas show up, seems the drivers have been installed in the background...
  • So I have to tick the schemas in a list of schemas next to the list of schemas for them to appear in the list of schemas? Okay...
  • Great, I can see my Postgres data! But I really want to see my MongoDB data...
  • Try MongoDB console → Drivers not installed → click here to install
  • Click three dots → Nothing happens, no errors, can't connect
  • Wait and click again → again nothing

Spent 30 minutes just trying to connect to a database. It's not clear whatsoever what is happening or how I'm supposed to do that. Give up and uninstall.

Hopefully this is helpful in improving the product for future users.


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Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Seems that you clicked OK without testing your connection. It looks a little bit unpredictable, but we agree that the drivers should be offered to be downloaded as well: The following issues were caused by this usability problem.

But it still not clear what happened after you pressed 'install drivers'.  They aren't being installed in the background, and you should see the progress. 

Will you be so kind to help us with more details?


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Hi Maxim,


Nice that you're following up. Unfortunately I don't have any more details, this was a while back so I only have what I wrote above.


Good luck!


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Thanks anyway! If you have a chance to try DataGrip again, we'll be happy to help.


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