"Find Next / Move to next occurrence" (command+g) not working



For me, the action for 'Find Next / Move to next occurrence' is working as expected. This is true for both the keyboard shortcut and the menu bar item.


Go to the next occurrence of the word at the caret.


Not totally clear what it's actually doing but it doesn't do the expected behavior. Instead, it seems to remember some previous word and attempts to go to the next occurrence of this previous word.


Keymap showing that this action is the only action mapped to command+g:

Error message upon executing command+g. Shows that, despite the word at the caret being 'userDailyCols', the action is attempting to find the next occurrence of 'joinall':


I believe you need to use Next Occurence of the Word at Caret action. Cmd+G is for navigating to the next search result in Find in Path dialog.

You can assign a shortcut to that action in your keymap settings:



Ahh ok, it is a bit confusing.  I had the same issue when trying to map Command-Up, Command-Down to next and previous occurrence in Android Studio.

"Next Occurrence of the Word at Caret" is indeed correct.  There is no "Previous Occurrence of the Word at Caret", but "Find Previous / Move to Previous Occurrence" works.  


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