go test configuration help

I have a project structured as follows:

├── README.md
├── cmd
│   ├── dup
│   │   └── main.go
│   └── echo
│   └── main.go
├── go.mod
├── internal
│   ├── dup
│   │   ├── dup1.go
│   │   └── dup1_test.go
│   └── echo
│   ├── echo1.go
│   ├── echo1_test.go

I configured go test with type=Directory, and the Directory and Working Directory being the root of
the project. I had expected that it would recurse the directories looking for the *_test.go files,
but instead I just get the following message: `can't load package: package .: no Go files in...`

The documentation I have read demonstrates pretty simple projects - so I would appreciate help/pointers how to configure testing for a more complex project structure.


I solved the test issue - after a lot of digging around I found the `go test -v ./...` which does traverse the directories looking for the test cases.



The message can't load package: package .: no Go files in... comes from Go itself.

You can create a configuration by using a Right-click | Run | go test <dir name> in the GoLand. Everything should work.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.


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