Make Find Usages compare function signature when showing results


Often I find that Find Usages – when clicking on a function – "guesses" the results based on the function name, and shows me all results.

It occurred to me today that this list could be narrowed, by comparing the function signature:

I'm happy to file an issue on the bug tracker is this is deemed appropriate?


Some of these references are so called dynamic references; we have a request to exclude them from the usages list, please feel free to vote for


Ah. Can you clarify what "dynamic references" are in terms of WebStorm functionality?

Are these just "guessed" entities?


More or less. When the exact type is not known, usage is resolved by name. For example, the code below the parameter type is not known beforehand:


static async someMethod(object){
        await object.create();

Thanks Elena,

I've referenced this post and added my vote!


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