Problem with Code Inspection HTML: Missing Closing Tag nested in other Languages


i have following problem. We often generate html parts in other languages like js or php. Some times im in a more complex way, included with iterations and if/else and etc. It's understandable if phpStorm is not able to verify this 100% correctly. But we also have simple generation with strange behaviors in code Inspections.

See for example a sample in js
the red marker om tbody leads to code inspection 'Missing closing tag'.
If i change the code a little, the marker disappear
if a change this for the last line, the following is the result

I have two problems with this.
Why does '+' works and not '=+'?
Why does tbody and table show different behaviors in same constellation? 

Thanks for support. 



can't reproduce with the following code (WS-201.7846.79):

let html = '<table>'
+ '<tbody>'
+ '<tr><th></th><td></td></tr>'
html += '</tbody>'
html += '</table>'

What am I doing wrong?


Hello Elena,

thanks for response.

We are using JS ECMAScript 5.1 with PhpStorm PhpStorm 2020.1.2 Build #PS-201.7846.90. We also use JSHint Version 2.10.2.
In test project with JS ECMAScript 6+ with PhpStorm PhpStorm 2020.1.2 Build #PS-201.7846.90 and JSHint 2.9.7 i observer the same behavior 

I can't see whats different, but same code cause same inspection:


could you share a project the issue can be repeated with?


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