How do I remove guides from my code? Also how do I add margin left to gutter line numbers?


I am using Dracula Theme with Material UI. I have a screenshot. I have marked with red the guides I want to remove.

As you can see the line numbers in the gutter are really close to the edge of my screen. I want to add some margin left to them as well. They are marked with yellow arrow.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi there,

1) Horizontal Lines -- you need to remove color for "Method separator color" style:

2) Vertical line next to the gutter -- must be part of the GUI Theme which is not customisable via GUI (as it is used in many other places/borders). If you disable this option ("Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Code Folding | Show code folding outline") that vertical line will be gone.

3) I'm not aware of any option in a UI Settings that will allow an extra left margin for the line numbers.

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Hey Andriy Bazanov, Thanks for your help!!

That worked perfectly! I am very new to the JetBrains ecosystem, but I am liking it.


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