Stylelint --fix ignores path to package set in preferences, causes error

My stylelint package is here in my project:


In Webstorm Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Style Sheets | Stylelint the package location is set as above. It works fine for showing errors as inspections according to how I have it set in Inspections.

But using any menu option to run it fails. Tools > External Tools > Stylelint gives the following error:

Cannot run program "~myOTHERproject/node_modules/stylelint/ ... No such file or directory

It's looking for the package in a different project, not the package I've pointed to in preferences.

Running it manually from the terminal works fine:

~myProject $ node_modules/stylelint/bin/stylelint.js ./app/components/Promos/myFile.scss --fix

This esp weird because inspections do work.



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Your external tools setup has nothing to do with stylelint preferences, they are not related to each other in any way; you have to specify a valid path to executable and working directory in your external tool settings

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Thank you @Elena Pogorelova


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