Why doesn't it show files in default changelists?








































I used to check in changes quickly by clicking 'git' -> 'show history', then in the changelist I can see what files are changed and I can commit and push from there. Today I reinstalled Pycharm and when I did the same thing, it only displayed the 'history' of the changes I made commits. I didn't show the current files that are changed. So I can't commit and push the files as I used to do. Please see the attached.










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Hello Lingvisa

Git | Show history
helps you to filter Log by specific file or folder.
As I can see you have mentioned Changelist and you would like to see what files were modified and have not been committed yet -  there is a chance that you have installed latest version and you have "Use non modal interface" enabled under Preferences | Version Control | Commit.
If so, then you will be able to find Changelists under "Commit" tab in left upper corner under "Project" tab. 


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