Some imported packages do not highlight in editor

I'm trying to understand the behavior I'm seeing in 2020.1.  (to be perfectly honest I can't remember if it worked like this in 2019)

Some packages do not appear to highlight their read and write usage in the editor.

Putting the cursor on sys will highlight all the usages of sys throughout that file.

And yet, when I put the cursor on os, the highlighting does not occur in either direction.

Autocompletion is working and I'm able to use (goto declaration) for the os package.

If I add an alias for that import the highlighting works on one side, but not the other.

I've noticed that much of the time a package fails to highlight it happens to be one that is solely contained within the rather than in a module of the same name. I have no idea if that is related somehow.

Is there some sort of configuration I'm missing to get the highlighting for all packages to work?  Is this a bug?  

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