Webstorm eating on empty project more than 1.8gb?

Hi, im using Webstorm on my macbook pro 2018 13"(8gb ram, i5)
And after 40-50 minutes of using, webstorm start using more than 1.8 gb ram, how i can fix it?

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Do you have any problems related to memory usage (outOfMemory errors, prompts to increase the heap size)?
Note that the IDE itself can't consume more than Xmx value (default is 750M). Memory usage in OS task manager normally differs from Java application memory usage. OS Task Manager is reporting the overall memory used by Java process which consists of Java application heap + JVM resources + whatever else, it's a native OS process vs. Java application running in JVM.

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Can you share optimal config for 8 gb ram macbook?)

all what i have(after your msg) 

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The default jvm settings are optimal for WebStorm, I won't recommend tweaking them unless you have a very large project that doesn't fit in memory when using the defaults


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