Preventing PhpStorm from automatically inserting '=>' (equal right arrow) when typing '=' inside associative arrays?

Is there a way to prevent PhpStorm from unhelpfully injecting `=>` every time I press the `=` inside of an associative array? Automatic insertion of keys that I didn't press (when I still intend to press them) really interrupts my flow when typing. I can see how many folks find this helpful, but for me it's very disruptive. I recall lobbying to have an option to disable an obscure option for this as well for the opening PHP tag (`<?` being converted instantly to `<?php` while typing) which thankfully was added after requesting in WI-48815

Here's a demo of what I'm referring to, as you can see I only pressed `=` and (to me) it's jarringly corrected to `=>`, even though I never enabled this functionality (which is annoying):

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