Inherit breakpoint from other window?

Hello, I have this python development scenario:

Window #1 is a framework I'm developing.

Window #2 is a test project of this framework.

However, when I set up break points in #1 and run #2 in debug the breakpoints are not being inherited. One way to deal with this is to navigate site packages directory for my framework and add breakpoints there but that's very tedious and often difficult. 

The framework package is installed in editable mode, in other words it's just a symbolic link to window #2, so both windows are seeing the same file meaning Pycharm should have access to breakpoints as well though that's not the case.

Is it somehow possible to enable PyCharm to inherit breakpoints like this?

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I guess PyCharm considers your framework to be a library root which is why it doesn't stop on breakpoints.

Normally, you set a breakpoint in the code you debug and then use Step Into to step through the library code. But if you want to stop at a specific line, then it's not that convenient.

Have you considered attaching your framework project to your test project and then adding a dependency?
Another option is to add it as a Content Root and mark as Sources Root so that both PyCharm and interpreter find it.


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