What is the best way to ship openjfx with plugin



I use use WebView and JFXPanel from openjfx in plugin.

I've noticed that you've deleted javafx from your runtime in 2020.1.3 version.

Embedding of native libraries work fine for windows version, but they doesn't work for Linux. Of course, i use openfx for linux in linux plugin distribute.

So what is the best way to ship javafx with my plugin?


JavaFX has been deprecated with 2020 in favour of JCEF, you can check a blog post for more details: JavaFX and JCEF in the IntelliJ Platform.

You can read more about JCEF in our docs: JCEF - Java Chromium Embedded Framework

In case it's really required, it's available as an external plugin: JavaFX Runtime for Plugins


Thanks, got it!

Trying to migrate on JCEF now. 

And what is the way to use JBCefBrowser.loadHTML()?

This method doesn't handle utf-8 encoded strings?


You just have to pass HTML string to the loadHTML method - UTF-8 should be supported.


Thanks for quick response. I will try one more time, maybe something is wrong with my encoding.

However I have one more issue. When JComponent produced by JBCefBrowser is focused, general Intellij IDEA shortcuts doesn't work. What is the way to resolve it?


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