Configure PGP Keys for Master Password Database

In settings under Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Passwords, if you select KeePass to save passwords, there is an option to protect the master password using PGP - and a note that No keys are configured:

Yet, there is nowhere in any of the support documentation which tells you how to configure a PGP key.

Does anyone have any idea of how this works?  Where to configure said keys?


We're working currently on a said documentation. But the responsible team tends to think that we shouldn't promote PGP or explain how to use it. PGP is quite difficult to use & set up: using it only to protect password DB in IDE isn't the best idea. We have this option in IDE assuming that the user already has PGP configured & efficiently using it throughout the system.


I agree with Ragdata, there is no documentation.

What you said makes no sense. If it's not a good idea why did the developers added the feature? I don't think anyone expects JetBrains to explain how PGP works, but to document how the IDE works regarding keys and PGP.

I had a similar question about KeePass and your team took a year to reply because there was something not documented. How are customers going to know what the software does or reacts to different configurations with external software if there none documentation about it?

We would go with open source and free software is we want no documentation and support. Part of offering a commercial software and expect people to pay it is properly developing the tutorials, documentation and supporting the functions of the product. Adding a feature and then saying to users "We don't know how this works; you are on your own is a bad business practice when you are charging for the software".

Please document this as it should be, otherwise it feels like the feature was just half baked and it does not even work. Just my two cents.



If you want to test this install a Gp4Win (if you are using windows)

After creating your proper keys, you can also use it for files or Outlook emails, then at least for my system PHPStorm detected my PGP keys automatically in that field.

But I don't think its working properly. I tried not to enter the key once I open PHPStorm and I can still use the KeePass passwords without issues. I'm not sure what the field does, it does asks for your PGP key but I don't think its actually encrypting the database or locking it like it should.


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